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Welcome to! Although ordering from our Web Site is simple, easy, and convenient, we require as your obligation to read and acknowledge our Terms of Service and review our Privacy Policies for a smooth and great experience that many have had since 2010!

Products, Contents, and Specifications will do its best to provide accurate descriptions on all products. Certain weights, measurements and similar descriptions are approximate and are provided for convenience purposes only. All features, content, specifications, products, and price of products and services described or depicted on, are subject to change at any time without notice. will not warrant that product descriptions, quantities in stock, prices, or other contents of the product as accurate, reliable, or current. All pre-release items are mock imagery that is provided by manufacturers and it is subject to be different at time of its product release date. is not responsible for images provided before hand of pre-order actual release date.  If a product is not described by the site as received, please contact our customer services.


- All prices are subject to change at any time without notice. Our prices are based from current market activity to provide you with a very competitive and reasonable pricing.

U.S. Payment Options

Paypal: Paypal payments can be be paid directly through our checkout. IMPORTANT: Please make sure your shipping address matches with the Paypal shipping address you choose. We will ONLY ship to your Paypal address. If you prefer sending funds directly from your account, please address payments to

Money Orders: Include your order number and shipping address with your payment. Money Orders are made payable to “LyonsDen” We advise to keep your receipt of your money order, until you have received your order. Send Money Orders to: LyonsDen, 111 North Main ST. #169, Vidor, Texas 77662.  We will allow 3 weeks to receive your payment by mail before automatically cancelling your order. 

Cash and Checks: We will accept cash (in-store only) but NOT checks. 
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel orders that are paid by checks. 
We are not responsible any lost or misdirected payments which are sent by mail.

Sales Tax

- All State of Texas orders are subject to 8.25% sales tax.


All Pre-orders will be shipped on the release date of the product or the following day. Orders will be scheduled on a first paid, first ship basis. Please note that the release dates of products are subject to change by the manufacturers of the product(s). We recommend to place pre-order items separately from items that are in-stock. Any orders with both Pre-Order and In-Stock items will be shipped together on the release of the pre-ordered item(s) or when all item(s) are available to ship. Our system will not be able to split an order from Pre-Order and In Stock item(s). If you have placed an order for both Pre-Order and In Stock item(s) and would like us to ship In Stock items first, please e-mail and we will require an extra shipping charge to ship two separate packages. Pre-Orders are considered “Reserved” once the order is paid for. If your Pre-Order is not paid and “Reserved”, we reserve to right to cancel at any time without further notice and you may re-order the same item at the new Pre-Order price. Should any item be cancelled by the manufacturer, we will notify you and refund your payment.

(An Important Message "For International Customers' Only)

Due to vendor agreements with both Konami and Wizards-Of-The-Coast; we are unable to sell/ship out sealed card products to customers outside of the U.S.  Please note billing address, shipping address and all pertinent information not located in the U.S. will be decline to proceed with the refunds. We want to take this time to apologize and also to inform you that we are unable continue to sell YuGiOh and Magic-The-Gathering sealed products including booster boxes, packs, or decks outside of the United States.  This is due to the current vendor contracts and agreements from Konami and Wizards Of The Coast.  

We are obligated to decline all orders which contain any YuGiOh or Magic-The-Gathering sealed booster boxes, packs, or decks. However, the YuGiOh or Magic-The Gathering single-cards are still allowable to ship via all continental U.S. destinations. 

Restock or "Wishlist"

We have a specialist team that work on restocking of individual cards and products.  Please feel free to utilize the 'wishlist' red button on items that we currently listed on our site. Selecting the 'wishlist' button allows the system to collect your interest to contact you electronically "when and if" the 'sold-out' items become available.  The system will alert you with a email notification so you can visit our site to place your order to purchase the desire item(s).  Please be sure to register online at as there are no membership fees to sign up.  Please sign up for our newsletter too.  

Shipping Handling

Please view our Shipping Information page for details on general information, methods of shipping, delivery time, rates, and tracking.


We accept returns based on the following conditions: We must be notified within 7 days of receipt of the product. Please contact us by phone 409-422-0434 or e-mail All merchandise must be in the exact same condition as it was sent. If the product has been opened, tampered with, played with, broken, or altered in any fashion we will be unable to accept your claim. If the return is due to an error by our company, we will accept full responsibility for all shipping and replacement costs. If such mistake has occurred please contact us immediately to make arrangements for a replacement package to be sent and for the mistaken product to be returned. Depending on the method of payment a refund check or store credit will be issued to you. If the return is not due to an error by our company, we will refund you the amount of the product(s) only and not for the shipping costs related to the items returned.

~ If items different than what was ordered (situations include: wrong item received or slight variation different from what was ordered) ~

Please email to include e-photos:

on parcel package damaged, packing damages or item received not how it was invoiced to for further assistance.

Please ship returns to:


111 North Main ST. #169

Vidor, Texas 77662


Include the original invoice and we kindly ask that you package all items carefully to insure safe shipping by the carrier provider. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen package returned to us, so we recommend that you use a confirmation service to track the package. Upon receiving your returns, a manager will inspect and issue a refund. Refunds are normally issued 3 - 5 days after the returns are received.


Please e-mail if you would like cancel an order. For orders that have not been “Shipped”, we will cancel your order and if your order has been paid for, we will issue a refund. Please allow 3 - 5 days for refund to be issued. For orders that have been “Shipped”, please refuse the package upon delivery for the package to be returned to us. When your order is returned to us, we will consider the order as “Returns” and refund you for the products returned and not the shipping costs related to the order.

*lyonsden-online reserves the right to cancel any order without notice. All cancellations will be refunded in full.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Packages

Although these situations rarely occur, they are uncontrollable by’s supervision once the package is handled by the selected couriers. We trust our couriers to deliver packages promptly and safely, however we will still package and handle orders with care and concern. Our couriers provide services to protect against lost, stolen, or damaged packages. For peace of mind and safety, we suggest you select the proper services which provide insurance. With insurance, should your package be deemed to be any of the above situations by a manager and not tracked as “delivered” by the courier, if available at that time, we will be able to reissue another order of the same products. If using an untraceable and uninsured method, it is under that customers’ understanding that they are taking the risk and chance of a lost, stolen, or damage package and that Lyons Den will not be held liable to replace, reship, or refund for package. If your package is traced as “delivered” and no one at the destination has received the package, please contact your nearest courier to report the problem.

Attempted Buy-Outs

Price adjustments sometimes takes a day or two to catch up with market trends. Lyons Den reserves the right to cancel or adjust any order based on what we believe to be an attempted buy-out of a particular single(s) or because prices weren't adjusted in a timely manner. Lyons Den will sell you a playset (x4) of a single for the price ordered but no more.


Please contact us via email at should you have any suggestions to better improve our services or products.  If there is a specialized item that you purchase elsewhere - we would love to hear from you on these great ideas.  Perhaps, it may be a future item that we could carry as well.  All decisions are made by our owners of LyonsDen.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

We reserve the right to change, modify or amend our policies at any given time. Please check our Privacy Policies page periodically for any changes. Should there be any questions that we did not cover, please feel free to call us at 409-422-0434 or e-mail  Thank you very much for your support since 2010. We look forward to continue providing excellent service to you!


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